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Rafael Palma Elementary School’s teaching & non-teaching personnel, pupils and parents’ representative (SPTA officers) together with the officials of barangay 41 participated in the 3rd Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill on September 7, 2023, at 9 in the morning.

Mrs. Arnee D. Yuson, SDRMM coordinator, conducted the briefing and coordination meeting with all the personnel & stakeholders involved as part of the school evacuation plan under the supervision of Dr. Mark Anthony F. Familaran, school principal.

At the designated time, a realistic simulation of an earthquake was initiated. A loud alarm sounded across the premises to signify the start of the drill. All participants were instructed to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” under the nearest sturdy furniture or against an interior wall, protecting their heads and necks. This step aimed to mimic the recommended response during an actual earthquake.

After the drill, a debriefing session was held to gather feedback from participants and identify areas for improvement. Feedback was recorded for future reference and to refine emergency procedures.

In closing, the earthquake drill conducted at Rafael Palma Elementary School was successful in achieving its objectives of testing emergency preparedness and response procedures. Participants displayed an understanding of the necessary actions to take during an earthquake and demonstrated effective collaboration and communication. The feedback collected during the debriefing session will be invaluable in refining emergency plans and enhancing the overall safety of the location.