Philippine Standard Time:

Rafael Palma Elementary is along Dominga St. facing the sunrise boundary of Makati; in the north is the boundary of Manila, the Vito Cruz street where La Salle and St. Scholastica are just stone throw from the school; the west is the Sandejas street and Taft Avenue where LRT is located; in the south, about 400 meters from the school, is the wide road of Gil Puyat (formerly Buendia) where Business is located. Most businesses are fast food chains and convenience store.


Strategically, Barangay 41 where RPES is located is near the border of Makati and Manila, some are government employees and others are working in private enterprises. There are jeepney drivers, pedicab drivers and also services which the barangay can offer like condominiums and, sauna baths and business establishments which makes an additional income from the residents in the barangay. However, Micro-business like retail store is very much evident in the barangay where RPES is located.


It can be considered that the inhabitants of the Barangay 41 where Rafael Palma Elementary School is located is diverse from different ethnic origin coming from the nearby provinces. These are the Tagalogs, Samareo, Ilocanos, and even Muslims coming from Mindanao. Mostly the people are engage in different cultural traditions that is very much prominent like going to church and celebrating fiestas.