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Parents’ Orientation on Project NUMERO

By Mrs. Bernette P. Bacong


Rafael Palma Elementary School recently took a significant step towards fostering a stronger partnership between parents and the school community through the Parents’ Orientation on Project NUMERO. The event, held on November 4, 2023, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., aimed to provide parents with valuable insights into the objectives, processes, and importance of Project NUMERO.

Project Numeracy Enhancement and Reinforcement Opportunities) (NUMERO) is a localized special program to enhance and reinforce the Mathematics Program in the Schools Division of Pasay City. Offering Mathematics education programs is essential for equipping learners with the knowledge and skills needed to develop their critical and logical thinking, problem solving and numeracy literacy skills.

Dr. Mark Anthony Familaran, the esteemed school head, welcomed the parents with warmth and enthusiasm. In his opening remarks, he highlighted the significance of parental involvement in the educational journey of their children. He emphasized the school’s commitment to creating a collaborative and supportive environment that ensures the holistic development of each student.

Mrs. Bernette P. Bacong, the school focal person for Project NUMERO,  took the stage to provide a comprehensive overview of the rationale, objectives, and processes of the project. She elucidated the purpose of Project NUMERO, emphasizing its role in enhancing the mathematical skills and critical thinking abilities of students. Mrs. Bacong also highlighted the project’s alignment with the school’s broader educational goals and its potential impact on the academic growth of the students.

Following the informative session led by Mrs. Bacong, the floor was opened for an engaging and interactive open forum. Parents seized this opportunity to seek clarifications, share their perspectives, and actively participate in discussions. The open forum not only served as a platform for exchanging ideas but also strengthened the sense of community within Rafael Palma Elementary School.

Ms. Christie Rica Gaid, a highly regarded Master Teacher I, delivered the closing remarks for the orientation. She expressed gratitude to the parents for their active participation and underscored the importance of the strong partnership between the school and parents in ensuring the success of educational initiatives like Project NUMERO.

As Rafael Palma Elementary School moves forward with Project NUMERO, the foundation laid during this orientation ensures that parents are well-informed and equipped to actively contribute to the success of the initiative.