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    In 1946, a house and lot of  P.C. EUSEBIO REALTY AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION situated at 2695 Dominga Street was used as school building in the city and was given the a name San Isidro Elementary school ( SIES for brevity). The house was made of wood and constructed in spanish style. That same year, a house on Buendia St. corner Dominga St. (now Gil Puyat Ave.) was also used as school and was given a name SIES Buendia Annex. The latter was operated only for SY, 1949-1952. In 1950, another annex was created-SIES Bernabe Annex. In 1952, three historical occurrences happened: 1) SIES was renamed RAFAEL PALMA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (RPES), a name that was retained up to the present; 2) SIES Buendia annex ceased to operate; and 3) SIES Bernabe Annex became RPES Annex. The latter school soon became an independent school in 1958. In 1963, RPES Kalaw Annex was launched and terminated its operation sometimes in 1970. In 1979, another annex was opened, the RPES Flores Annex but was closed in 1986. Rafael Palma Elementary School is named in memory of Dr. Rafael Velasquez Palma born on October 24, 1874 and died on May 24, 1939. He was a lawyer, statesman and president to University of the Philippines.

     In the year, 1996, the late Honorable Congressman, Dr. Jovito Claudio initiated to but the lot where RPES is situated. That year, the construction of a 3- storey building with 33 rooms and gymnasium was immediately started in cooperation under the late Mayor Pablo Cuneta. In 1997, an inauguration was done with then Secretary Ricardo Gloria as guest of honor and speaker.

Listed below were the principals who served the school:

1) Mrs. Regina M. Fernando- 1949- 1959

2) Miss Candida Dawis – 1959- 1964

3) Mrs.FelicidadTenorio – 1964- 1969

4) Mrs.Leonora B. Guerrero – 1969- 1974

5) Mrs. Rosalinda G. Cosio-1974- 1978

6) Mrs.Felisa Diaz -1978-1980

7) Mrs.Delia Liano-1980-1981

8) Mrs.Marcosa Caldito-1981-1982

9) Mrs.Adelaida Montes-1982-1983

10) Mrs.Beatriz Toledanes-1983-1985

11) Mrs.Carmelita Sabino-1985-1987

12) Mrs.Serenidad Alumno-1987-1990

13) Mrs. Cynthia A. Misalucha-1990-1995

14) Mrs. Lilia V. Labaco-1995-1997

15) Dr. Emma S. Iligan –June, 1997-June 1999

16) Mrs. Remedios Matias Bal’ Oro-June, 1999-July, 2000

17) Dr. Melitona D. Bernardino- July 2000-May, 2002

18) Mrs. Aida M. Rumbaoa- May, 2002- June 2004

19) Jeansy R. Naniong-June, 2004-March, 2005

20) Mrs. Caridad L. Calaycay-March, 2005- Sept., 2006

21) Mrs. Marietta P. Flores-Oct., 2006-Feb.2007 (OIC – Principal, North District      Supervisor)

22) Mrs. Esmenia C. Pambid-Feb., 2007- July, 2009

23) Mr. Noel F. Junio- July, 2009-Oct., 2010

24) Mr. Severo A. Bajado-Oct., 2010-April, 2011(OIC, North Dist. Sup.)

25) Mrs. Farida Lourdes A. Amping-May, 2011-May, 2013

26) Mrs. Cynthia A. Paguia-June, 2013-Oct.2016

27) Mr. Mario T. Endico-Oct.2016 up to present (Principal)

     The newly inaugurated 3-storey building of Rafael Palma Elementary School in 1997 has a lot area of 1,569.75 sq.m. with floor area of 3,025.26 sq.m. and a single gate facing the east.