by: Mary Ann C. Bolante

     January 27, 2019 was declared by the Department of Education as Early Registration Day for the school year 2019-2020 in all public elementary and secondary schools in order to achieve universal participation and completion of the cycle. “Makapag – aral ay Karapatan mo! Magpalista ngayong Enero! ” was the theme for this year Early Registration Day 2019.

     Rafael Palma Elementary School joined and conducted the said activity with special participation of  barangay officials to take part of the massive advocacy campaign to reach all out of school children and all five – year old  to ensure their enrolment for the school year 2019-2020. The workforce solution of the school, also tried to locate, identify, and enroll out -of -school  youth who are in difficult circumstances.

     Prior to the Early Registration Day, necessary preparation was made: like house to house enrollment campaign, announcements were posted in the barangay, so that parents in the community where really informed. Because of this collaboration between school and PTA and barangay officials, On the day of registration, parents from the community responded and brought their young children to school for listing.

     Moreover, the Early Registration also seeks to understand the barriers to have access to education and the possible local solutions or interventions like learners with certain exceptionalities , which require unique learning interventions, are also one of the targets of this early registration initiative  that will bring learners to school and will ensure their completion of basic K to 12  education.